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South Australia - Yorke Peninsula Short Breaks

Yorke Peninsula Facts & History

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YP SA Tourism is a good web site to visit for further information and historical brochures on Fishing, diving, lighthouses, shipwrecks, jetties etc  - have you ever wondered why the early planners developed these remote townships close to the sea?  They were not by chance - the remains of their early enterprises can be seen in places like Innes National Park.

The Yorke Peninsula has a rich and varied historical background.  In the north was the main copper mining area which attracted tin miners from Cornwall.  The Cornish influence is all around, with the typical mineheads and of course the tasty cornish pasty being other examples.  The Copper Triangle contributed a lot of wealth to SA economy the proceeds benefiting the development of Adelaide.
Coobowie and Edithburgh lie further south, at the heel of YP.  Off the coast of Edithburgh is the Troubridge Island Lighthouse - this has now been replaced by a larger lighthouse on the mainland.
The Troughbridge Shoals have seen a number of ships wrecked over the years which now provide challenging diving and sea fishing.  An experience for the advanced scuba diver. Edithburgh cemetary has a mass grave of Laskar Seamen drowned when the Clan Ranald sank.  The local museum in Edithburgh is a good browse for history buffs and has details of this and other events around the area. 
Edithburgh's prosperity was built on the salt and china clay industries and resulted with a wide main street and jetty to cater for the early horse drawn transport and shipping.  Remember that the jetties around the coasts formed a major part of transport system in the days of horse and ox carts, no railways or road trains to transport goods around.  Edithburgh's wide streets are the legacy of these early days when carts with teams of oxen had to be turned around. After this form of transport fell out of use, jetties in many cases were upgraded to ensure a lengthy life and handed over to local authorities to run.  They are now a main feature in many coastal towns where everyone can fish for the many species of sea life that has been attracted to them.  They are now mainly used by the fisherman and occasional visiting prawn fishing boats. Marine wildlife abound and the Leafy Sea Horse can be seen off Edithburgh Jetty for snorklers
Further up the coast at Port Giles, one of the deep water working jetties,  large cargo ships from around the world pick up wheat which has been collected from farms around the Peninsula and stored in large grain silos.  Wheat and Sheep farming are now the major industries of the Yorke Peninsula.  However pink coloured salt lakes still exist as a reminder of the past.  
For the seagoing fishermen who likes to bring their own boat, then launching facilities exist at various points along this area of coast.  Good launching and parking facilities at the lagoon at Edithburgh.  Charter boats are also available. 
Coobowie Bay boasts fresh Oyster Farms and a coastal nature walk to the nearby Edithburgh.  At the centre of the town, families are catered for with a children play area and picnic / BBQ facilities adjacent to the sea.
Coobowie Lodge holiday units are centrally situated on the Main Street adjacent to the the general store and within 100mtrs of the play area.
Other BBQ facilities, golf, tennis, bowls and a sea swimming pool are available in Edithburgh 5km away. 

At the toe of the peninsula is Innes National Park with spectacular bays and wildlife which some consider equal to the Great Ocean Highway.  The Park covers a large area and has a range of sights from lighthouses, a rugged and rocky coastline with spectacular beaches for surfing and camping.  Wildlife abounds with emus and kangaroo in abundance as nature intended.  One beach has a shipwrecked steel vessel Ethel, the remains of which are periodically covered and uncovered with sand by the tides.


Historic Port of Edithburgh

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